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Seed Saving envelopes
Gardening Australia, March 2018

Ash handled secatuers
Country Style March, 2018

Pressed metal flowers, leather handled secateurs
Country Style, Christmas, 2017

Glass drops and stars
House & Garden, Christmas 2017

HomeLife Vol 5
Bottle brush, 6mm bottle, dish cloth, dibber, pot maker

Seed chute,
Country Style, August, 2017

HomeLife Vol 4

Rope handled slate serving tray
Gourmet Traveller, June 2017

Leather handled secateurs
Better Homes & Gardens, July, 2017

Face brush
House & Garden , Feb 2017

Pastry Brush, Cake server
Inside Out, December 2016

Seed Tin, Soap on Rope
Better Homes & Gardens, Christmas 2016

Wire Decorations
House & Garden, Christmas 2016

Flower Scissors
Country Style, Christmas 2016

Pruning scisors, seed envelopes, slate bud vase, peg rail, pot brush, jute file
Home & Garden Magazine, Oct 2016

Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald, Sept 10-11, 2016

Enamel Kettle, Cirrus Porcelain Canister
Gourmet Traveller, July, 2016

Travel Wood Pin Brush
The Weekend Australian, 9-10 July, 2016

Marbled Porcelain Baking Dish, Pastry Brush
Sydney Morning Herald and THe Age, Good Food, May 24, 2016

Porcelain marbled Butter Dish
House & Garden, June, 2016

Porcelain marbled baking dish
Gourmet Traveller, May 2016

Porcelain marbled baking dish
Country Home Ideas, May 2106

Soap orange and honey blossom
House & Garden, April, 2016

Bake Dish porcelain in Sage
Belle Magazine, April, 2016

Better Homes & Gardens, February, 2016

House & Garden, January, 2016

Boot Rack, Salt cellar, tool roll, enamel measuring jug
Christmas, Home Beautiful, 2015

Herb Dryer
Christmas, Donna Hay, 2015

Insect hotel/house, bamboo cloches
Christmas, Country Style, 2015

Enamel Kettle
House & Garden, October, 2015

Wirework Apple Picker
Better Homes and Garden, October, 2015

Enamel Kettle
Home Beautiful, October, 2015

Citronella Candle, Secateurs, Tarred Twine, Tinned Twine, Shoe shine
Home Beautiful, September, 2015

Chalk Jug
Country Style, August, 2015

X - Dryer
Inside Out, July 2015

Shoeshine, Sewing boxes, Laundry soap
Real Living, July 2015

Slate Flag
House & Garden, June 2015

Queen Bee Handmade soap
House & Garden, May 2015

Shelia Maid, white dustpan, horsehair brush, cupboard brush
Country Style, April, 2015

Galvanised dustpan and horsehair brush
House & Garden, March 2015

Queen Bee Handmade soap
Country Style, January 2015

100% Homemade bottle
Home Beautiful, December, 2014

Seed Envelopes, labels
Organic Gardener, Decemeber, 2014

Bird Feeder
Gardening Australia, December, 2014

Washi snowflakes, Star Garland, Mirror faced Star, Selenite Icicles, Wooden handled Secateurs, Bethelhem Star
House & Garden, Christmas, December, 2014

Bird Feeder in Chalk
Inside Out, December, 2014

Handymans Carbolic Soap
Better Homes and Gardens, November, 2014

'Seeds of Change'- featured article on our business evolution and origin
Country Style, October 2014

Shelia Maid
Real Living October, 2014

Wash up tidy, dish brush, iron s hooks, dish mop, goat hair duster, scrubber
Inside Out, September, 2014

Three Pot with Tray in clay
Country Style, September, 2014

Dustpan and long broom, Sting in the Tail Laundry Soap and brush
Home Beautiful, September, 2014

Twine stand with cutter, 100% Homemade Jar
Organic Gardener, Made By Hand issue

Match Box
Inside Out, July 2014

Pastry brush
Donna Hay, Winter, 2014

Terracotta Finial, Grow Bags
Country Home Ideas, June 2014

Hook Rail in clay
House & Garden, May 2014

Nutscene Twine Rolls, Large seed tin
Country Home Ideas, May 2014

Zig zag dryer, long Dustpan with Brush
Real Living, May 2014

Three Pot with tray in shutter blue
House & Garden, May 2014

Giftwrap February 2014, write up on slate maufacturing

Industry Gala finalists 2014 in Handmade for Slate Cheese Board

Compost bucket, Enamel Milk Pan, Herb dryer
House & Garden magazine, March 2014

Slate Cheese Board with dip bowl
Home Beautiful, Feb 2014

Wash Up Box in Chalk
Country Home Living, Feb 2014

Mirrored star with wire
Home Beautiful, Christmas 2013

Baileys Handwash Fig 250ml
Country Style Magazine, Christmas 2013

Nutscene Twine ball
House & Garden magazine, Christmas 2013

BIG Rootcup
Inside Out, Christmas, 2013

Trug, twine stand with cutter
Gardening Australia, November, 2013

Dish brush, String tidy, Cup Brush
Country Style, November 2013

House & Garden magazine, November 2013

Trug, herb dryer
Bride To be, October, 2013

Rootcup, flower scissors, steel scissors
Gardening Australia, October, 2013

Enamel Milk Pan
Inside Out, October, 2013

Wash Up clay, bottle brushes, dish brush, pot brush
House & Garden, October, 2013

Giant Slate Labels and Thumb Waterer
Country Home Living, September 2013

Compost bin
-Organic Gardener, Septermber/October 2013

Zig zag dryer
-Inside Out Magazine, July August, 3013

Slate Cheese Board, oak peg rail
House & Garden, July 2013

Leather Fly Swat, tool roll
- Gardening Australia, June 2013

Burnished Bird
-Country Style, June 2013

A Place Called Home
- Jason Grant, Hardie Grant Books, 3013

Tool Rail
- Better Homes & Garden, May, 2013

Mothers Day Hamper
- House & Garden, May 2013

Shelia Maids drying racks
- Organic Gardener Magazine, April 2013

Pine Cone Candles
- House & Garden, April, 2013

Cup and Bottle brushes
- Country Style, April 2013

Slate tags
- Fete Press, April 2013

Slate on Brass label
- Country Home Ideas, April 2013

Tiddler twines and Leaf sack
- closing issue of Burkes Backyard

Zig zag dryer and kitchen slate board
- House & Garden, February, 2013

Tool rail, tool roll, scissors
- Country Style, February 2013

Compost bucket
- Green magazine, December 2012

String tidy
- Fete Press, December 2012
Glass and metal snowflake
- Home Beautiful magazine, Christmas, 2012

Cream and cappucino birds
-Country Style, December, 2012

Velvet ribbon, Christmas Hamper
-House & Garden, December, 2012

Butter dish, Abeego
-Organic Gardener, Nov-Dec 2012

Slate labels
-Burke's Backyard, November 2012

Horse Hair Brush, Dust pan, Slate Key Rings, Corner Brish, Scrubbing Brush
-Country Style, October, 2012

Trugs, Seed Tin, Hanging bobbin, Tarred twine, Seed envelopes
-Country Style, September, 2012

Honey Pot votive
-Better Homes and Gardens, September, 2012

Seed envelopes, seed tins
-Home Beautiful, September 2012

Hessian Garden Tidy
- House & Garden magazine, August, 2012

Wooden bird
-Country Style, July 2012

Kneeler, Compost bin,
-Burkes Backyard, May 2012

-Handyman, April, 2012

Dibber, slate tags, Nutscene red tin o twine
-House & Garden, May 2012

Fishing floats
-Burkes Backyard, April 2012

Dustpan and zebra brush
-House & Garden, April 2012

-Burkes Backyard, Feb, 2012

Folding clothes Horse, Seed labels and envelopes,
-Country Home Ideas, Feb 2012

Nickel Plated star with bells
-Real Living, Christmas, 2011

French wire Christmas tree with silvered mushrooms
-Gardening Australia, Dec, 2011

Wee bobbins, Compost bin, seed box, hessian tool roll with tools
-Marie Claire, Dec, 2011

Shepards hook and hurricane, Gardening hamper with trug, Nickel plated star with bells
-House & Garden, Dec, 2011

Compost Bin
-Better Homes and Gardens, Dec, 2011

Bent Nail Brush
-Inside Out, Nov/Dec, 2011

String tidy with scissors
-Donna Hay, Aug/Sept, 2011

Trug, large twine stand with cutter
-House & Garden, September, 2011

Trug, Bamboo cloche, dibbers, bamboo labels
-Organic Gardener, September, 2011

-BHG, September, 2011

-Gardening Australia, 2011

Sneeboer tools
-Madison, July, 2011

Penkridge Ceramics
-House & Garden, April, 2011

Pot maker and seed envelopes
-Burkes Backyard, April, 2011

Bent nail brush, oak bootjack
-Sunday Telegraph, 13 March, 2011

Hessian apron with twine
-Better Homes & Gardens, March, 2011

iron finial, circle
-Gardening Australia, February, 2011

Vegetable brush
-Green magazine, Issue 17, 2011

Paper pot maker
-Burkes Backyard, February, 2011

Penkridge Ceramics
-Country Style, January, 2011

Nest story, House & Garden, January, 2010

Paper yarn on vintage bobbin
-House & Garden, January, 2011

Christmas tree candle, Vegetable Garden hamper
-Country Style, December, 2010

Iron finial- four cane
-Your Garden, Summer, 2010

Penkridge Ceramics
-Inside Out, Christmas, 2010

Glass cloche and seed tool
-Burke's backyard, November, 2010

Glass cloche and slate memo board
-Bride to Be, November- January, 2010

Stainless steel dustpan and horse hair brush
-Notebook, November, 2010

Beeswax Christmas candle and Christmas hamper
-Country Home Ideas, December, 2010

Scissors, slate label set, vintage bobbin with twine, hessian hanger
-Country Style, October, 2010

Scissors, leaf sacks, large slate board, bamboo cloche
-Real Living, October, 2010

Bamboo cloches
-House & Garden, October, 2010

 Glass cloches, Sneeboer dandelion trowel, Dutch broom
-House & Garden, October, 2010



Bamboo cloche - lightshade
-Home Beautiful, May, 2010

Industrial bobbin with twine
-Better Homes and Gardens, May, 2010

Stainless steel dustpan and horse hair brush
-SMH, Essentials, April 1, 2010

Industrial bobbin with twine, seed tool, bamboo labels, slate tag, twine
-House and Garden, May, 2010

Hessian jute file
-Daily Telegraph, Home, March 13, 2010

Copper bee
-House & Garden, March, 2010

Industrial bobbin with scissors, slate memo board
-Gourmet Traveller, March, 2010

Industrial bobbin with scissors
-Donna Hay, February/March, 2010

Terracotta cane toppers
-Country Style, February, 2010

Hanging slate tags
-Handyman, February, 2010

Bootjack, nail brushes
-Your Garden, Summer, 2009

Eco Christams Hamper
-Better Homes and Gardens, Christmas Issue, 2009

Hessian tool roll
-Marie Claire, Decmeber, 2009

Wicker trug, Wooden sting line
-Inside Out, Christmas Issue, 2009

Hessian tool roll, Eco Christams Hamper
-Real Living, Christmas Issue, 2009

Wooden String line
-Better Homes and Gardens, December, 2009

String tidy with scissors
-Real Living, October, 2009

Goat hair duster, Bamboo cloche
-Real Living, November, 2009

Iron finials
-Burkes Backyard, September, 2009

Slate tags
-Country Style, October, 2009

Goat hair duster
-Vogue Living, September-October, 2009

Featured in Melissa Penfold's Little Black Book, 2008

Featured in Daily Telegraph Home magazine, March, 2009

Featured in Natalie Waltons blog, June 2009, deputy Editor of Real Living http://dailyimprint.blogspot.com/

Awarded best in show at Magnolia Square, Sydney, July, 2009, by Donna Hay magazine stylist Lucy Weight

Recommended website
-Notebook, April, 2009: Grazia, May 18, 2009

Biodegradable paper wire
-Vogue Living, May-June, 2009

Leather fly swat
-House and Garden website, May, 2009

Rain gauge, leaf sack
-House and Garden, May, 2009

Iron s-hooks, leaf sack, wicker trug
-Inside-Out, May-June, 2009

Steel scissors
-Better Homes and Gardens, May, 2009

Gardeners Pail
-House and Garden, April, 2009

Bamboo cloche, leaf sack
-Home Beautiful, April, 2009

Slate key rings
-SMH, Essentials, April, 2009

Biodegradable paper wire
-Green Magazine, March-May, 2009

Leather fly swat
-SMH essentials, January 21st, 2009

Slate labels, string tidy, steel scissors
-Grazia Magazine, January 26th, 2009

Bamboo cloche and tyre planters
-Country Style Magazine, January, 2009

Glass fishing floats
-Sunday Life Magazine, Sun Herald, 14th December, 2008

String tidy with scissors
-Good Weekend, SMH, The Age, 13th December, 2008

Twine stand with cutter, bamboo plant labels
-Inside out, Christmas issue, December, 2008

Reclaimed bobbin, flishing float, recycled plant cover, leaf sack, page 62
-Real Living, Christmas issue, Decmeber 2008

Reclaimed bobbins
-SMH, Essentials, November 2008

Small glass cloches
-Country Style, September 2008

Twine on bobbin, page 61
-Country Style, August 2008

Recycled hessian plant covers, page 156
-Inside Out, May-June, 2008

Dibber, fishing floats, copper labels, plant cover
-Country Style, June, 2008

Hessian garden tidy, page 262
-Marie Claire, May, 2008

Leaf sack, page 78
-Better Homes and Gardens, May, 2008

Slate memo board, Pot brush, Oilskin carry all, Domain section
-Sun Herald, 10th February, 2008

Recycled hessian plant covers, Essential section
-SMH, 7th February, 2008

Hessian garden tidy, page 158
-Inside Out, March/April, 2008

Wooden Labels and gift card, page 178
-Notebook, December, 2007

Christmas hamper, page 112
-Better Homes and Gardens, Christmas, 2007

Pot maker
-Green, September-November, 2007

Wooden Labels, page 64, 65
-Burkes Backyard, November, 2007

Bamboo Cloche, page 145
-House & Garden, September, 2007

Copper Dragonfly, Choices page
-SMH, Good Weekend,; the Age, 18 August, 2007

'a simple way to wash grubby hands when you're gardening...And it even smells good!' Garden soap.
-BHG, September, 2007

Slate label on brass rod, herb dryer and terracotta candle holder, pgs. 69 & 70
-Home Beautiful, September, 2007

'handy oilskin carryall is designed to make maintenance a breeze'
-BHG, July, 2007

'charming garden staples'
-SMH, Essentials, Apr. & May 2007

'beautiful slate labels'
-Real Living, May 2007

'great for kids' Pot maker
-Notebook, Jan., 2007

'traditional garden products'
- House & Garden, Nov., 2006

'adorable yet practical goods'
- Gardening Australia, Nov., 2006

Featured in the 2007 Winter issue!     Have a look at our three page spread that highlights us as a garden shop of quality



Sneeboer Perennial Spade
-House and Garden, September, 2010

Beeswax Pine Cone candle
-Notebook, June, 2010

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