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Compost Bucket
Clean lines with stainless handles defines this kitchen scrap bin. Removable liner.


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Product Description
A brilliant product for the kitchen.
This English compost bin has a plastic liner with handle that pulls out. Keeping the metal clean and able to wash easily.
(we use ours for chicken scraps!)

Elegant in its shape and comes in four colours. Clay is shown in the picture.
Questions (18)
Hi, What is the height and largest diameter of this compost bucket. How heavy is it? Cheers, Sue

Hello Sue, The top of the bucket is 19.5cm but from handle to handle it's 27cm. The height of the bucket is 23cm from the top handle and the weight is 700g. I hope this helps you. Sienna from the Heaven In Earth team

Another colour compost question by the look of the FAQ's. Can you confirm that the picture on your website with the brush next to the compost bin is the shutter blue. Thanks so much. Cheers Sandy

Hi Sandy, The compost bucket in the photo is actually in chalk. Thanks

Hi, could u pls tell me what colour the creamy bucket with pic sitting next to sink is?

That is Clay, more of a taupe or beige.

Love the look of the bin but living in tropical QLD and need to know how secure the lid is please ? I have struggled to find a compost bin that flies cannot get into . Thanks .

Hi, The lid has a silicone seal on its edge so stays on firmly. Should be perfect for you!

I want to use this as a waste paper basket. Is it available plain without any writing?

Hello, Alas no, but it has writing on only one side if that helps.

Hi I'm assuming the chalk with shutter blue writing is a white or off white colour?

Hello, Yes it is an off white colour. Very nice limited edition. Many thanks.

Are there 2 colours only in the compost bucket. What colour is the display buket and what colour is clay Thank You

Sorry, the new flint seemed to drop off! Should be fine now. The thumnail picture is the flint, the one with the tap is clay and the one being held is shutter blue. Thank you.

There is showing 3 colours for the compost bin I like the photo of the bin with the lid being held What colour is it and how do I order it.There only seems to be shutter blue in the choice box Thanks

Hi, That is the shutter blue. Clay and new colour flint (a grey) is due early March

Hello, Lovely compost bin and finally one that is available in Australia. I do have a couple of questions - what is it made of? - is it dishwasher safe? - is it likely to rust? - how much is the postage to Semaphore, South Australia? Thankyou Jane

Thank you Jane! You wash the internal liner (I would suggest by hand, which is plastic). The external is metal. It should not rust due to the coating, unless perhaps the enamel is knocked off. You may check postage using the Calc shipping button on the right of the page. Many thanks, jocelyn

Hi, can u tell me which color is string, thx

Hi, we have put another image online, which is the colour sting. Thanks!!

Hi , I'm finding the colours confusing. I'm actually after a sage/olivey green and suspect the apple might be too bright.Your picture shows 'clay'which looks more grey yet another website http://www.thelostseed.com.au/page66.htm shows more of a brown/beige as the clay colour. Is image 3 the apple green (I like this colour)? If so the image 5 shown on the window sill looks much brighter.Also is image 8 clay or apple green as it looks more reen when you click on the picture. Would you say the apple green or clay is closer to an olive green when you see the bins in person? THis is the colour I'm after http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sage-Green-Kitchen-COMPOST-Bin/dp/B003AKJJUE Thanks

Sorry for the confusion! The apple green is closer to an olive green, but not deep, say under ripened! The clay is not really brown/beige but lighter, more of a putty. Hope that is of some help!

Please advise how many litres this holds. Thanks

3.5L, thank you.

Hi, you say that the green, slate and string won't be available until April 2012. Does that mean the Clay will be available sooner than that? I want to get this as a Christmas present for my husband (long story). Thanks, Tresona

Hello, Apologoes for the confusion. They will all be available now at end of Feb. cheers, Jocelyn

Hi there, love the compost bucket but see you're out of stock. Are you taking orders for when they arrive? If so I'd love to put in an order. Cheers Anita

HI Anita, we have one clay in stock. Let me know if you would like that one. More stock should arrive in mid Feb. I am sorry we dont take orders, but if you put your name on the newsletter sign up you'll be notified. kind regards, JOcelyn

HI there, I would like to order one of these, is there anywhere I can see what the other colours look like? Thanks Sally

Hi Sally, Please see this link http://www.garden-gear.co.uk/jobs-around-the-garden/composting/kitchen-compost-bucket.htm We are out of the apple green however. Thank you.

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