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Folding Clothes Horse- Clothes Airer
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Product Description
A brillant clothes horse. Not plastic, but beech that folds down to approx 15cm high.

Has two height settings and many levels.
This product will stablise with weight.

Can a clothes dryer be beautiful?

Imported from England.

Please be aware of the notes below.

Being wood and a natural product, there may be variations. Eg, slight wobble, but when loaded is should be mostly even. In high winds it may need to be secured. Also, when untreated wood is subjected to wet clothers the wood may discolour. It is also nail gunned not hand nailed. Please consider sealing your dryer with a spray or enjoy the aged wood look.

Garden Trading, at our request, have done a little research into pine and other wood getting darker with age. The wood can darken because of a number of reasons including exposure to oxygen, heat and light. It seems that this is a characteristic of the wood and is probably only noticeable due to the fact that the joining rings can be moved. It is not a fault in the product.       

Questions (14)
Hi just wandering if this could be fixed or mounted to the wall and extend out from the wall ?

Hi, this is too long for that, but I understand and think it is a great idea!

Hi I live by the ocean; are there any metal parts that are exposed. I often get rust marks on my clothes from the corroding metal.

Hi, No. There are some nails on the sides that are well nailed in but none on the rungs. Thank you, Jocelyn

Do you have stockists for the clothes horse in WA? Thank you

Hello Gina, Thank you for your enquiry. The most recent purchase of the item in question from a WA customer was for a business called Calico & Ivy. They are located at 10 Glyde St, Mosman Park WA 6012, ph 08 9383 3794. They only purchased one Folding Clothes Horse which may have been used as a display only but you could give them a try. Unfortunately, at the moment, our folding clothes horse are out of stock. Stock is due back in around Aug. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Mel

Are there any stockists in the eastern suburbs of Sydney that have the folding clothes horse? Thanks

Your best bet will be Koskela. Thank you, Jocelyn

It was mentioned that the timber may discolour with the wet clothes, can the timber stain the clothes and is the timber discolour obvious and make the clothes horse look terrible?

We have had no staining of clothes. To us staining can be a way natural material ages, to us it looks fine. Thanks!

I am looking to replace a similar folding wooden clothes horse- tho my previous one had casters. Do you ever stock these? Also would be keen to know what product you recommend to prevent black mould growth on the bars (reason I discarded previous one). Thank you

Hi, We suggest spraying with a clear sealant for outdoor use.. A hardware should be able to help. Sorry, we don't have ones with castors.

Hi there Do you know when the folding clothes horse will be back in stock? Many thanks

Hi, yes they should be about two weeks.

Are there any metal components that would rust should it be left outside?

No, it is all beech wood, which of course will age if left in the rain as well. Thanks!

doe this item have to be assembled or does it come folded in box

It is not boxed, only when we pack it boxed. It is assembled, it pulls up!

A second question please. If the clothes horse is standing against a wall when assembled, what is the depth measurement?

When it is pulled up it is 50cm deep. Thank you!

Could you tell me the thickness of the rails, and also if they are coated in vinyl or are to rails in timber too?

Hi, They are approx 12mm and are beech timber as well.

How long is the clothes horse.Thankyou

Collapsed it is 15cm wide x 61 cm across x 50 cm On the high setting is 1.53 high, low, 1.16

Will this store in a cupboard? Can you give me with width measurement(or folded measurement)?

Yes it would. Collapsed it is 15cm wide x 61 cm across x 50 cm On the high setting is 1.53 high, low, 1.16

Can you advise if this item has FSC certification and also the dimensions. Thanks.

It is not FSC. Collapsed it is 15cm wide x 61 cm across x 50 cm On the high setting is 1.53 high, low, 1.16

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